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. but not a lot of rain whatsoever. let's toss over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. traffic-wise, we're good so far. earlier accident on route 100 eastbound at executive park drive has been cleared. aside from that we're looking good as we check our drive times, maps and cameras. no problems on 795, all lanes open. route 140 down towards the beltway, you won't encounter any problems. like i said, no incidents to let you know about so far, so good. around the cameras we don't have any problems up and down the harrisburg expressway. 95 corridor looks good. 695 is all clear. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. it's a minute after 6:00. this morning an investigation is underway into an apartment fire in howard county. it involves the death of one of the tenants there. investigators not only want to know what caused the fire on majors lane in columbia but also how that victim died. abc 2 news' linda so has more. >> reporter: a woman was found dead but police say her injuries were not related to the fire. investigators are trying to find out how she died and why a man with her was
this over to kim brown. >> good morning. we are quiet incident wise. no accidents this morning to let you know about. a couple head's up in baltimore city at northern parkway and charles street. the traffic lights are out, so keep that in mind. treat that as a four-way stop. also on going construction near pratt street at the convention center has the two right lanes blocked once rush hour gets cooking. as we look at our drive times, no delays on the 895. 6 minutes between the 95 split and 295. 95 southbound runs smoothly between route 32 and no issues on the southwest side. a 6 minute trip between i-70 and 95. as we look at our cam cameras. traffic is moving at a nice pace. >> 13 minutes after 5:00 this morning. baltimore's newest raven, tj opens up about his childhood and why he has had such a great appreciation for the nfl. >>> and making the move. men, can you dance your way to a woman's heart? especially if you look like that you can. we'll find out coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ] >>> storm
. not the best day to be outdoors. the haze will build, guaranteed high of 95 degrees. let's toss to kim brown. >> thanks. we've been off to a good start traffic-wise, not a lot going on. we have some downed wires in the phoenix-monkton area at old york road and glen berry court. police should provide a detour. in problems in materials of drive times, no delays from 795 to 70. 95 southbound looking good between white marsh and the beltway. the harbor tunnel is clear. the beltway top side at 83, some volume starting to build, traffic managing to move at a nice speed. back to you. >> all the usual suspects, bowley's quarters, ellicott city, fells point, half half -- havre de grace. >> we're on talbot street. many places in maryland are talking about how to be prepared for severe weather. down in annapolis, people there are just trying to make sure that their boats are okay. hurricane earl is occurring as annapolis is hosting the 44th annual race week. race officials say if tides and winds are too extreme some plans may be cancelled. hurricane isabel in 2003 brought back all sorts of memories for
to 84 and cloudy this afternoon. check on that traffic right now. see how it's rolling with kim brown. >> good morning, everyone, the only incident that you may see on the roadways this morning is coming out of glen burnie. we have fire activity at baltimore annapolis boulevard, mountain road. aside from that, traffic is really off to a fantastic start, no problems here with drive times on the 895 uh, harbor tunnel thruway. seven minutes between the split and 295. no problems southbound 95 between the beltway and route 32. that'll take you about 16 minutes, outer loop, southwest corner of the beltway. as we look right now at our camera, you'll see traffic moving very well. light volume on the beltway, harford road. it's looking good on the west side as well. >> a minute after 6:00 right now, we know it's a close race. we know who's leading right now but this morning we're still waiting to find out who will be protecting baltimore streets, starting today, votes will be counted to determine who will be the next city state's attorney. linda sow is live with details on what's taking so l
areas could reach 90, that would make it the 56th day with 90s. what do you think about that, kim brown? >> looking forward to rain when it does come. as far as your morning traffic goes, we're doing pretty well, working an accident in anne arundel county. that's going to be route 100, eastbound at executive park drive, a single car into the guard rail. we're looking good. here is the beltway at greenspring, light volume, no incidents on the map. we're looking good so far. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> an investigation is underway into an apartment fire that happened in howard county. one woman died in this fire. abc 2 news linda so joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: megan, a woman was found dead in that apartment but police don't know at this time how she died. they say her injuries were not related to the fire. investigators are trying to find out why a man who was also found in the fire is in critical condition. the victim's mother told us her daughter divorced the man but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. had he a history of a bad t
with kim brown. >> we do have road closures in anne arundel county, baltimore county and baltimore city because of the high water and flooding. an accident has route 70 closed. a vehicle fire, 95 southbound, jappa roadblocking the two right lanes. 95 southbound will be at a crawl. stay with us, we'll have more news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this quick break. >>> 6:47. this is your abc2 news to go. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. the big story is the weather. >> nasty out there. rain is expected to cause flooding in some areas today. we had a tornado warning and watch in parts of the state. >> i'm getting reports on the text messages, i'm getting it on doppler radar, i'm getting it from some of you on e-mail, we have a busy morning. check out the latest, what we've got here. a wind advisory until this afternoon and evening with winds pushing 45 miles per hour. a tornado watch until 1:00 in the afternoon. still watching the tornado warnings in calvert county through 7:00 a.m. and that may extend to the north with storms racing to the north. th
's happening back on the roads. here's kim brown. >> reporter: clear around the beltway. traffic also clear around the beltway along with that weather. we don't have anything working so far in the area. we had the rain come through yesterday and during the overnight hours, so the roads could be a little slick. so take it easy along some of those curves especially a winding road like the jfx. here at 97 in anne arundel county, traffic is moving well at route 100. we're looking good along the 83s and along 795 as well. megan, back to you. >>> a doctor shot by a patient a barricaded situation, a hospital on lockdown sounds like something out of a movie. this was our community and this was hopkins. linda so is live with what happened yesterday. >> reporter: the doctor who was shot is expected to survive. last night, he came out of surgery and is in stable condition. it was a chaotic scene with the whole thing unfolding around 11:00 on thursday. the sprawling medical campus was put on lockdown after police say paul pardus shot the doctor. he became distraught after being briefed on his mother's
to near normal. let's see what is happening on those roads. here is kim brown. >> we have fire activity in baltimore city that has the eastbound lanes right at falls road partially blocked because of fire and police equipment. so police are going to be out there providing drivers with the detours. keep that in mind. aside from that, we look around the area, no issues along the corridor. we are clear here in baltimore county. no problems southbound from hartford county. 83 looks good as does 795. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. there's new information this morning, the death of a 14-year- old from belle air who was hit by a car after crossing a busy intersection. the pedestrian lights at route 24 are on now, but state police received a number of complaints that they were not working on friday. the state highway administration is investigating, but meantime, friends and family of 14-year- old joey are trying to face the reality. they continue to stop by and pay tribute and hug at this growing makeshift memorial. >> god is the giver and taker of life and he has something that he want
in. this afternoon, the temperatures will be nice and mild and cool back down. kim brown, tell us about the traffic this morning. >> reporter: you will see a crash blocking one of the center are lanes. police are on the scene now. traffic will start to slow at providence road. you can see drivers have to get on the right shoulder to get around this. until you get a tow truck, that vehicle is facing almost the wrong direction or the opposite direction on the beltway. expect delays as you try to make your way towards 95. as we look at our drive times, minor delays from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. no problems southbound from shawon. it's starting to build just a bit from owings mills boulevard. jamie, back to you. >>> san bruno is a town that lives next door to the san francisco airport so it would be like glen burnie. >> you have been watching the incredible fire footage after a gas explosion last night. want to go to done guevara who is -- don guevara who is with us. the footage is incrediblep. >> jamie it is. we're near the epicenter of the massive explosion. at that si
. now let's stend over to kim brown. >> a couple of fires around the area will have a minor impact for the majority of us. you will see hillsdale road closed in both directions because of a two-alarm fire there. you can use garrison boulevard to get around. also in columbia, closed between shadow lane and watch chain way because of a fire there. traffic can get by using cedar lane. as we look at the beltway, here we are, traffic still very light, moving at a nice pace. no problems around 695. 83, 95, and 295 checking in clear at this time. megan and jamie, back to you. >> he calls it the most urgent task creating jobs and fixing the economy. president obama says he'll keep fighting to turn the economy around, but is spending $50 million the answer? emily schmidt is in washington this morning. >> this week's president obama is -- to slow the winning. >> i personally think, yes we can is more inspiring than no we can't. >> the washington post poll finds more people saying about the president, no, he hasn't. for the first time, most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way mr. obama
the roads with kim brown. >> we're working two accidents and two road hazards this morning. an accident still remains on scene in elkridge. the eastbound lanes of route 100 approaching 95. you'll see police out there. in seaferred county, northbound 95 remains closed at the chesapeake rest area. avoid that. route 40, and right lane and right turn blocked because of a downed tree. overbrooke road and winwood road, there are lane blockages. and traffic flowing nicely on both loops, no problems on 695 and the 83s checking in without problems. back to you. >>> 5:32. three days, still nothing. family members and friends of gerard grant are waiting for someone to come forward in a deadly hit-and-run. it happened saturday by erdman avenue in east baltimore. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us with more. >> reporter: police are still looking for answers in this case and two little girls are left without a father after a fatal hit-and-run accident. it happened saturday about 7:00 p.m. in the 5200 block of erdman avenue in east baltimore. witnesses say a black mercedes hit 25-year-old gerard grant
that's true. kim brown and linette charles are here. we are going to start with linette who has a check on the weather. >> good morning, the weather is going to be nice, because we are going to be seeing lots of sunshine. it is going to be windy and dry. so the windy, dry, that's what is going to be enhancing our fire risk for today. check out the headlines, or the highlights. whatever you want to call it. nice and pleasant. today and tomorrow will be in the upper 70s. we have rain possible by the weekend. the timing of the rain isn't going to be that great. we need that and so as we go throughout today. we are going to be looking at dry times, especially on maryland's most powerful radar. you can see it, all five sweeps are on. definitely take a jacket with you, because you can see temperatures in the 50s. 57 degrees right now as we look at sites into bellair. centerville around 58. the big story, we do have the westerly wind at about 11 miles an hour. these are your gusts. sustained winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour and we will be getting more gusts as we go through the rest of
, here's kim brown. >> overnight road work has the far right tube on the fort mchenry tunnel in the southbound lanes closed at this time. also in brooklyn park, richie highway, southbound, 4th avenue, right lane and shoulder are taken away because of a utility problem they're working on. from owings mills boulevard to the beltway, an additional four-minute ride. here we are, 95 at 195 looking good. southbound lanes going into howard county, further into the capital beltway, no problems. all the lanes look good from 695 up toward the tunnels. >>> more women are entering the workforce. >> yeah, but are they getting the same pay as men? what a new report says about the gender [inaudible] >>> scare for mariah carey as she tales a tumble during a performance. bob ehrlich's real record on energy. lobbyists helped write utility regulations. we got stuck with a 72% rate hike. but martin o'malley got tough on bge, forcing them to pay back $2 billion to consumers. and what's bob ehrlich been doing the past four years? he got paid $2.5 million at a lobbying firm, a firm representing spe
that heat, coming up right now. right now here's kim brown with a look at the traffic. >> reporter: justin, we have an accident on the southbound lanes of the gw i didn't, as you approach 195. and -- of the gw parkway. >>> we have some debris blocking the left lane on the eastbound span of the bay bridge. no problems really, no delays on the outer loop from 795 to 70. however at liberty road you will see the two right lanes taken away because of road work. that will be reopened hopefully within the next hour. no problems on the harbor tunnel freeway right now. as we look right here at our cameras, you'll see what i'm talking about. you will see cones up. the two left lanes do get by. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> the president signed the bill over six months ago. >>> yeah and starting today, some new healthcare laws will go into effect. what this means for you and your family. >>> the finalist is now selected. find out who will be judging voices on next season of "american idol." >>> child's play in a backyard turned into a near tragedy for a perry hall family. six-year-old luke rossi
're in no rush, are you? kim brown has the latest on traffic. >> no reason to be in any rush so far this morning, justin. we don't have a whole lot going on on the roadways. just building volume that could slow you up. good morning maryland returns after this quick break. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! >>> 6:42. this is your abc2 news to go. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> it could be a while before we know who is this city's top prosecutor. >> it all comes down to the absentee ballots. linda sow is live right now, we'll check with her in just a moment. >> good morning to you, what's happening is clouds in the sky, different view over the last few days. not as chilling for many of us. we're looking at temperatures ranging from 65 in baltimore
it might be. be very cautious out there. we have accidents to prove it already. here's kim brown with the latest on the roads. >> the ironic thing, we're having more accidents on the major highways including the beltway and i-70 corridor. more so than on the side streets. i anticipate that's going to change as the morning goes along. let's look at this crash on the right shoulder and one of the center lanes. police haven't quite arrived on the scene. so it's kind of a dangerous situation as drivers are trying to get around this accident. keep your speeds down. definitely take it easy. another accident on the outer loop, very top side, exit ramp towards the jfx. that blocks a lane. this is a serious accident we've been dealing with since the birth. 70 eastbound, all lanes blocked between the patapsco river bridge. closed because of an overturned tractor-trailer. state police say they may have that reopened between 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. all traffic is being detoured onto southbound route 29. >>> this one's going to splash us right in the face. >> you can see steady and heavy rain from
this afternoon. our traffic update now with kim brown. >> thanks justin. this morning we have traffic jammed across the interloop span on the key bridge and only one lane getting by at this time. expect a delay there. a struck pedestrian at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no delays or problems there. that is a five minute trip. about a 3 men it right there. no issues on the top side. you're going to see traffic moving pretty well here. no issues on the harriersburg expressway on warren road. traffic looks pretty good. megan and jamie back to you. >> if you went to bed and you didn't know who won the race for top prosecutor, things look good for burnstein but we still don't know who won. linda. >> reporter: even though it looks like burnstein has won, an cen tee ballots have not been counted and they will be the deciding factor in this race. both camps say they will regroup this morning to look over the results. burnstein has 49% of the vote. 1400 votes separate the two. there are still thousands of absentee ballots that have not beenouted. they will start tallying those votes on thursday. 16
morning, kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, lynnette. good morning. we have a couple of incidents working early on this friday. most of the major incidents will be clear on 95 and no problems on the 83s as well. very few delays on the harbor tunnel throughway, no problems from the split to 295. 95 running well to howard county. on the beltway, southwest corner six minutes between i-70 and 95. >>> some good news in owings mills, northbound 795, they are are in the process of getting that cleared. most of the lanes have been reopened, so expect a few delays there. also, a yah tilt problem southbound york road at timonium road has the right lane blocked. expect minor delays. linda so is in the studio and standing by with the latest details on one of our top stories. >>> does baltimore have enough man power to fight fires? why some firefighters say no and the risk it's posing for those who live here. >> reporter: the purple friday caravan kicks off with a stop in rowland park. good morning. have a good run. i'm sherrie johnson with more on that caravan coming up. [ male
sunshine and a few clouds. a guaranteed high of 78. let's check out the traffic now with kim brown. >> an accident on the bridge and it is on the final stages of getting cleared but pretty lengthy delays. traffic is jammed there and toward the toll plaza it will be jammed up there, as well. allow yourself a few extra minutes. delays are running at least over ten minutes so keep that in mind before you get out the door. an accident there. a crashen involving a pedestrian. another accident near the beltway. you'll see emergency crews on the scene there. on the west side outer loop, 7 minutes. there. that is about a 4 minute trip. jamie back to you. itis is 6:31. democrat kevin will face off against ken holt. let's go to sherrie johnson live. who will take over for jim smith? >> good morning to you jamie. i'm here in front of the old courthouse. jim smith's office soon. we will find out who will replace him. take a look here at your screen. the democratic nods for baltimore county executive is going to be the closest primary race in decades for that office. 94% of the prescription are
's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> fortunately that rain's not going to affect us for this morning rush hour, unlike yesterday, a complete headache, this morning it's a breeze. we don't have problems on the area roadways so far. no delays as you make your way around 695. 83 looks good pretty much between middletown road, south towards the beltway. 795 is all clear. the entire stretch of the 95 corridor. mountain road towards the beltway. no issues as you make your way towards 495, bw parkway checking in without problems. >>> the eiffel tower had to be evacuated as intel agents around the globe are working on credible, but not specific terror threats this morning. we keep our dukes up over here. emily schmitt is in washington with details on this. >> reporter: in paris tuesday night, officials evacuated the eiffel tower after a caller from a phone booth issued a threat. it was a false alarm, but the second evacuation in two weeks. there's a new explanation for the cause. a senior u.s. official tells abc news there's a credible threat of a major series of terror attacks on britain, f
to 80 this afternoon. >>> right now here's kim brown with a check of traffic. >> traffic is off to a very good start. we're very light on incidents, hardly anything out there that is going to hold you up at this time. drive times just show elevated a little bit, especially the outer loop on the west side, seven minutes between 795 approaching i-70. 95 southbound, four minutes between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway. no delays so far on the harbor tunnel thruway approaching the tube. this is going to be -- sitting on top of the fort mchenry tunnel, lefthand side i the southbound lanes. minor congestion approaching the tolls but for the most part looking very good. >>> we start election day coverage with the race for city state's attorney. challenger greg bernstein looking to unseat patricia jessamy. the candidates are working overtime? >> reporter: yes, bernstein will be here first thing this morning as the polls open up at 7:00. this sidewalk says it all, literally lined with signs. it's been a fierce battle. this battle between the two candidates and they are looking to wi
degrees. more on our weekend-ahead forecast coming up. >>> right now here's kim brown. >> the northbound 95 at the chesapeake house rest area remains closed because of be a accident involving three jackknifed tractor-trailers and fuel spill. police encourage drivers to avoid the area. you can use pulaski highway, route 40 as an alternate. in elkridge, eastbound route 100 at 95, an accident and watermain break on york road between overbrooke and windwood road. you can see lane blockages there. drive times are pretty much all looking in the green, between bel air and providence on the outer loop, five minutes. 95 southbound running pretty smoothly. 95 southbound between whitemarsh boulevard and beltway, no delays. no delays on the top side either. anne arundel county, 97 at route 100, you can see both directions moving without problems. back to you. >> i love 83 to the jfx, one minute. >>> the labels can be confusing. sometimes it's hard to know if the food you're buying is really good for you. >> coming up, how some stores are making it easier for to you eat healthy. >> a big night at the
the live chat right now. before that, let's go he to traffic with kim brown. >> thanks, jamie. traffic is quiet as you get a start on the morning commute. we're only working one incident. that is debris in the right shoulder. if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, only five minutes south of shawon and the beltway. on the jfx, all lanes will be open between the beltway and northern parkway. let's take a peek here at route 50 and sandy point. you are not going to encounter any delays on 50 headed across the bay bridge. no problems on route 90 as it will be wide open all the way to ocean city. >>> our coverage of hurricane earl continues. >> a live report is coming up. s?óal as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that'
more about that in your seven-day forecast coming up. let's get a check on the traffic with kim brown. >> it's looking good, linette. we don't have any problems on any of the major roadways. the beltway is checking in smooth, as is the 95 corridor. no problems at the tunnel. however, we are working a couple things around baltimore city. as we look at the beltway, traffic is moving pretty well. we usually see brake lights, but it is going to slow up a bit as you approach liberty road. right now in baltimore city, we are working an accident at marabia. traffic lights still out at northern parkway and charles street and expect road closures as they continue to clean up from yesterday's fire activity and no real problems with our drive times, jfx looks good as does the 95 corridor. megan, back to you. >> 6:33 right now. it has become a national debate to burn or not to burn. a pastor in florida wants to set the koran on fire on the 9th anniversary of september 11. as you can imagine, leaders here in baltimore are speaking out. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio with more on thi
the next couple of days. hopefully we have nice traffic to talk about. let's toss to it kim brown. >>> we have good traffic to piggyback on the good weather. no accidents or incidents right now. everything that we had early on has been cleared. so traffic is off to a good start. on the beltway, so far so good, pretty quiet, 695 at harford road, both loops moving without problems. west side looking good between 795 and 70 on the outer loop. 95 corridor will be clear the entire stretch especially between the beltways, 695 and 495, no issues. bw parkway, no problems and harrisburg expressway looking good as well. back to you. >>> 5:32. today's the last big primary day before november's mid-term elections when republicans could gain control of congress. polls open in washington, dc this morning, seven other states including in maryland. emily schmidt with a preview this morning. >> reporter: on this primary day in seven states some candidates worry this may not be the year to be a party favorite. >> i actually have a conservative voting record as far as finance in congress. and while i'm a mo
is kim brown. >> reporter: justin, not much happening on the roads. in glen burnie, there's a fire near baltimore annapolis boulevard and mountain road. right now as we look at our drive times, we don't have issues on the beltway, outer loop is all clear between bel air and providence road. 95 southbound looking good between white marsh boulevard and 695. no problems between the 83s. here we are on the harrisburg expressway, warren road. traffic is very light. no delays between mount carmel towards 695. jamie, back to you. >>> with the job market the way it is right now, players are looking at hundreds of resumes. >> we have advice for you on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd. >>> another police beating caught on tape. was this necessary use the force? we'll find out. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating
in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, good morning, everyone. we have another accident reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to providence. 95 southbound. traffic starting to build slightly. a four minute ride from white marsh on down. we check our cameras, we are looking pretty good so far here at 83 and warren road. northern baltimore county got hit hard with storms, debris is blocking a couple of intersections. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >>> after milton hill was murdered, his daughter said this. i know you are out there i know you are watching me and i'm watching you. you will be uncovered. that scooter? you'll never be able to ride it. he was known as the church guy and he was murdered over his scooter. summer has turned into fall and so far no suspects. >>> it has been almost two months since hill was shot to death behind his home
cloudy to mostly sunny sky expected. 88 to near 90. here's kim brown. >>> we do have some activity this morning, crash activity and debris in the roadway around the area. first let's get a look at the maps to let you know about some of the crashes. one in particular impacting traffic right now. route 40 eastbound on the baltimore county line. that is blocking the right lane at this time. 2995 southbound. off to the right shoulder. we have road closures up in monkton. and old york road westbound at troyer road, traffic is able to get by. linda is in the studio with the latest details. >> reporter: an elderly man is killed over his scooter. his murder struck a nerve in a baltimore neighborhood. 03!!!!!!!!!! >>> milton hill was the one who solved snow off the steps of his church. he is the one who made sure the church ladies made it home safely, no way he should have died like this. linda. >> reporter: jamie, police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the
and right now listen up to see what the traffic mights look like with kim brown. >>> the traffic will look slow. we have several accidents up and down the 95 core corridor and around the beltway. 95 at the o'donnell street exit. an accident at keith avenue . right now as we look at the maps, a complete check -- 95 southbound past caton avenue exit. the left lane and shoulder continue to be blocked there. on the very top side of the beltway, inner loop at the jfx, an earlier crash has been moved off to the left shoulder. anne arundel county, northbound 295 earlier crash at arundel mills circle now blocking the left lane and shoulder. traffic only gets by to the right lane. another accident reported southbound 97 at benfield boulevard. on the west side of the outer loop it will take you 13 minutes from 795 to 70. traffic is pretty much at a crawl there. 95 southbound, six minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. 895 looking a little better, only eight minutes from the split as you approach 295. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:33. this is the big day today. the day that people get
weather today to improve. right now, let's talk about the traffic. here's kim brown. >>> justin, so far, not much traffic to speak of. so very light volume as we get this friday morning commute off to a fairly light start. no issues on the roadways except as they are pretty wet. as we look at our drive times, no problems on the beltway. a five-minute ride with 95 southbound running well between white marsh boulevard and 695. no delays between the 83s. as we check our cameras here on the west side of liberty road, still very light volume. everything appears to be moving at speed. megan, back to you. >> thank you, kim. >>> a father's tirade caught on tape. he confronts some kids at his daughter's school bus stop. >> listen, i'm telling you this! >> find out what caused this outburst and how the whole thing ended. >>> plus, borrowing goes high- tech. how you can save money by using the internet to get your hands on the items that you need. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- con
commute. more coming up, here's kim brown with traffic. >> i want to wish a happy birthday to my friend molly as well. we're off to a really good start traffic-wise this morning. no traffic incidents to let you know about. southbound lanes looking good as you make your way towards 695 and as we look at our drive times this morning, traffic, pretty good on the harrisburg expressway. six minutes from shawan on down. on the very top side of the outer loop, between the 83s, no problems there. jfx all lanes open down to northern parkway, a 4-minute ride. >>> today the city is stepping in, arming you with information. not about taxes, crime or parking, they'll be talking about bedbugs, a problem plaguing the city. >> reporter: baltimore city health officials are trying to be proactive in the fight against bedbugs. they're basically holding a meeting right here at the war memorial building today at noon in downtown baltimore. basically they want to map out a strategy to fight against the bedbugs and also answer questions or concerns that people might have. the blood sucking critters turned up
's kim brown with traffic. >> traffic is very quiet, up and down the 95 corridor. no problems as you come down the harrisburg expressway this morning, 695, looking pretty smooth as well. drive times, looking pretty good. only a 5-minute trip 95 between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. no issues on the top side of the outer loop between the 83s. this'll be the beltway at baltimore national pike. one crash so far in baltimore city. east biddle street and north wool street. >>> they must love us, the grand prix race here in baltimore just got bigger. there'll be two races during the labor day weekend next year. the american le mans series will join the indycar race. double header over three days. >> people are already booking hotels, restaurants, this'll be a great thing. tourism is our leading single industry in the city, this'll be a big boost to tourism and the economy >>> all right, it is the 2nd of september, today's date, 90210, like the show. it's janet's birthday. she from st. michael's. her entire church choir, especially the soprano section says they love her and wish her man
. that will bring in the more humidity and also warmer air as well. all right, let's send this over to kim brown, she has your traffic. >> some fire activity could impact you traffic wise as you make your way out the door. also, fire reported in columbia. closed between shadow lane and watch chain way this morning. you can use cedar lane to get around that. hillsdale road closed between bell avenue. garrison boulevard can get you around that. it is all wide open between st. paul street. exit, about a five minute ride there. also checking in without any problems. 8 minutes this morning between the beltway headed towards the toll plaza. this is going to be 95 at 395 making your way through baltimore city. as you see, traffic is flowing very nicely. maine goon megan and jamie, back to you. >> stealing the show at the world's largest technology fair. >>> retailers are marketing items to help save you money. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network creat
minutes to the beltway from there. traffic is off to a good start. back to you. >> thanks, kim brown. >>> 6:30. a new push to get an addition built onto an overcrowded school in baltimore county, parents say they thought construction was supposed to have started already. it hasn't. they are not happy about it. abc 2 news' sherrie johnson joins us live with more this morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right, some parents are fed up and they would like to see an addition built on here at hampton elementary school to get the students out of these trailers and into better classroom facilities here and to prevent that overcrowding. again, they say they thought construction was supposed to start but it hasn't. they are ready for that to begin. right now the elementary school is designed for 300 students. it opened last week with more than 500. the school has eight trailers outside. four on each side to help with the overcrowding. hampton's pta president said every fourth and fifth grader will be in a trailer. and parents say they are happy with their old building, they just
, but it won't be as breezy as yesterday. >>> let's head to kim brown with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are working one major crash so far on northbound 795. all lanes are blocked except for the far right lane because of a crash at owings mills boulevard. you still will see emergency crews at the scene of the crash. caton avenue will start closing those exits to get onto northbound and southbound 95. the closures for northbound 95 will start saturday at 11:00. those will continue for six to eight weeks. the southbound 95 closures start tonight at 9:00 and will be in effect through 8:00 tomorrow night. as we look at our drive times, no problems on the jfx. traffic is flowing freely. as we check our cameras, traffic look goods on 95 and 395. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> fighting a disease that affects so many of us. >> how you and people around the country can stand up to cancer. >>> it's purple friday. it's that time again. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, hear what ray lewis has to say about the upcoming games. >>> it is 5:15. we cannot wait for monday night. al
in nature and moving quickly. let's send this over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. traffic-wise we're looking good. no problems us a come down the 83 stretch, headed towards 695 traffic moving at a nice pace. one incident, as we look at the drive times, no problems northbound 95 from route 100 to 395, 29 runs well as does the beltway. one accident eastbound route 100 at executive park drive, police remain on the scene, no lanes are blocked at this time. linda so has the latest details on one of our top stories. >> police in howard county have a mystery on their hands. i'm linda so. the many questions surrounding an apartment fire in columbia that left one woman dead. >>> parents are fed up with overcrowding at one baltimore county school. i'm sherrie johnson, coming up find out what's being done about that problem. what's that? oh, see, this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak. mommy. mom. hey, mom. good times. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive, pencils, p-- that was easy. good times. [ male annou
kim brown has the latest on traffic. >> we're looking good so far on the roadways, it's going to be slow us a make your way around the beltway this morning. it's starting to jam on the outer loop here at old court road. expect your usual slowdowns between 795 down towards 70 and the baltimore national pike. top side of the outer loop on the northeast side also pretty slow between harford road and dulaney valley road. no accidents. baltimore county and harford county, we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> it's sunny and hot. you're not in the mood to think about earl but this is the day to prepare just in case. sherrie johnson is going to be told in a couple hours we'll be on our toes for 72 hours. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. 8:00 this morning, baltimore city mayor will hold a news conference at the transportation management center here. she's going to talk about severe weather and emergency preparedness. meanwhile in ocean city, people down there are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl. overnight we've learned that hurricane earl has weakened to categor
in a couple of minutes. let's check on that traffic with kim brown. >> good morning. baltimore city, we have a structure fire that has falls road closed between northern parkway and harvest road. you are going to see police and fire equipment out there partially blocking that intersection. so you can get around it, rowland avenue, or taking the jfx. also this morning because of the renaming of the opera house. mount roil is going to close starting at 9:00 this morning. as we take a welcome at our drive times, very few delays, no problems between 795 and 70. that's a 6 minute trip. traffic starting to build slightly. 4 minutes towards 695 and no problems on the throughway at this time between the split and 295. traffic looks good around the area. here we are on the northeast side, both the inner and outer loop flowing at speed. megan and jamie, back to you. >> it's one minute after 6:00 right now. we have a lot of news to tell you about. a freshman, abc2 news, linda so joins us in the studio to report on how many of you reported on the safety where joey was killed. linda. >> the day joey di
for you but for kim brown so stay tuned for that in a moment. we're staying cool most of the day, heavy rain, more on the way could lead to over three inches in spots before this thing is done. tomorrow night and wednesday morning. here's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. with one knot of moisture, you can see it rotate through on top of baltimore city as we speak. and heavy rain actually continues off towards our north and east as we're watching this morning, looks like the heaviest knot of rain from middle river and sliding its way east of essex and rosedale and up 95. so kingsville, white marsh and even up towards, looks like hickory and bel air possibly in the next 20 minutes. we're going to watch rain, maybe break for a couple of hours and come back with thunder mixed in. this afternoon's 2-degree guaranteed high of 72. right now hold on to the wheel. in fact, before you go to the car, listen up to kim brown. >>> we have an accident in the same area you just reported. 95 southbound reported to be near the harford county, baltimore county line. an accident blocking the two lef
, here's kim brown with the latest on the traffic . >> it's not off to a really good start this morning. several accidents, including a major one on eastbound route 70, has all the eastbound lanes closed at this time, between rogers avenue and columbia pike, that crash involves a tractor-trailer. 95 southbound, white marsh boulevard, accident blocks the right lane and shoulder. another crash towards caton avenue. on the beltway, however, we're getting world of a crash on the outer loop at green spring, reportedly involving a police vehicle. i was checking the cameras, unable to find that crash as of now, the water's starting to pool, pond, stand, hydroplaning is a definite possibility this morning. try to keep the speeds down around the area. there are definitely hazardous driving conditions at the speed the rain is coming down. >>> you'll need more than your umbrella today. you'll have to find the button in your patience because of all this rain. linda sow is live for us this morning as we're preparing. good morning, linda. >> well let me set the seen for you, we're expecting heavy rai
. how about that traffic. it's already a mess out there. here's kim brown with the latest. >> how about that traffic this morning, justin? we have lots of problems to start off the 6:00 hour. ton of problems on the beltway, causing big headaches on the outer loop, southwest corner, we have a crash at wilkins, blocking the two right lanes. both shoulders are blocks. two middle lanes do get by. delays are beginning to form at about liberty road at this time. expect this to be closed or these lanes to be closed for at least a little bit of time going forward. as we look at our maps, we have several other incidents we're working, flooding in baltimore city has patapsco avenue closed. flooding in middle river, eastern boulevard and martin boulevard. still working a crash on the top side of the outer loop, ramp to the jfx one of the lanes continues to be blocked because of an earlier crash. 70 eastbound closed, there is no access getting on towards 695. you can't even get towards the beltway if trying to travel 70 east. all traffic is being diverted onto southbound route 29. in western howard
but not that slush and snow we had to deal with last year. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. the chill, you make that sound good. not looking forward to the cold weather. traffic, we're dealing with several incidents, including a handful of road closures. first, the beltway on the west side at liberty road. you'll see traffic starting to build, build not heavy volume now. the roads are a little slick so drivers, take it easy out there. we have an accident in howard county, 95 southbound, the ramp getting on to eastbound route 32 is closed because of a crash there. more possible lane blockages as well, expect police on scene. in baltimore city, we have reports of possibly another building collapse. that has oakfield avenue closed between norfolk avenue and fairview avenue. use wolcott as an alternate. on the outer loop, reports of an accident at 795, that may have already been cleared but just keep an eye open for that. in middle river, a pair of crashes, one still has kingston road closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road. another accident reported in a residentia
brown with the traffic. kim? >> reporter: thanks, justin. we have a handful of serious incidents to let you know about. the slick roads can be treacherous. this morning as we look at our cameras, here we are on the beltway a little slow between 795 as you broach the national pike and working two accidents northbound on the jfx at the ram top northern parkway as one. that has the exit ramp closed. another crash northern parkway at liberty heights. south bound 1 remains closed at montevideo drive. >>> it's been two weeks since james lee walked inside discovery headquarters with bombs strapped to his bodies and took hostages. these people refuse to be victims. that's just ahead on "good morning america." don't forget about "good morning, maryland" at 9:00. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are
three shots into bolden's hands as the ravens beat the browns. you like that, kim? very good. >>> good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> how about a hand for megan pringle for making national -- you looked great. >> you're very sweet. i feel very silly even talking about it because that whole show was amazing. the girls are so amazing. >> it's about us, though, it's about us, right? that's the most important thing. >> no, i thought it showed baltimore in a great light. i think it was a very proud moment. >> i was very proud of our show last night. >> i have a special good morning. 5:30 this morning. from perry and gail in parkville. gail has her dog on her lap, they watch every morning at 5:30. great to meet you this weekend. >>> meteorologist justin berk is here. it poured on the tailgate and then the skies were beautiful. >> i think it was washing away the cobwebs. brand new season started yesterday, right? for gail in parkville, i want to let you know your dog will get wet if you go for a walk. we have a little wet weather now. parkville 65 degrees. nor
. the next chance of showers, rolling in on sunday. kim brown has traffic. good morning, kim. >> good morning. traffic is going to be heavy and slow going in the usual areas including the beltway, 95 and harrisburg expressway. looking at the cameras, in howard county, route 29 at route 32, it starts to jam approaching the route 32 exit, one accident to let you know about as we look at the maps. that's in southern maryland, route 258 at route 4 in lothian. jamie costello is here with your morning news update. >> kim, today lawyers for the city and wells fargo are going to be in court arguing whether the city's revised lawsuit against the mortgage company should go forward. maryland's state police and other law enforcement officers will gather at martin state airport to discuss plans to identify and prosecute people who target pilots with laser pointes. and today environmental maryland will release a report on global warming, the group plans a news conference held in fells point in the neighborhood flooded by hurricane isabel in 2003. we'll have more on these stories coming up throughout the re
, back near normal under a partly sunny sky of 78 degrees. >>> here's kim brown with the traffic. >> the only incident we did have was western howard county, woodbine, route 94 actually has been reopened at old annapolis road. they've cleared the poles and wires out so traffic moves pretty well there. aside from that we're pretty quiet. 895 just south of the 95 split. you can see we have a little moderate volume but everybody appears to be moving at speed. no problems heading to the tunnel. drive times show hardly any delays around the major roads so far, on 895 from the split to 295, that is six minutes. no problems on the 95 corridor from the beltway southbound to route 32. that is only 15 minutes. on the southwest side of the outer loop between i-70 and 95, that will also only take you six minutes so far. back to you. >>> it's 5:21. entertainment news -- don't you wish you could have been there? in the audience? to mark the first episode of her final year oprah announced she's taken all 300 audience members on an all expenses paid trip to australia. you're not coming back. the
, many people are struggling on the whole issue on whether to stay or go. traffic has been smooth. kim brown will have more on the traffic in the area but many people aren't too worried about the hurricane. they are headed to the eastern shore anyway. some have elected to go down to virginia where the hurricane is dumping heavy rains on the virginia coast. some people are driving. others are flying this labor day weekend. if your plans include hopping on a plane, you probably want to know, can i get out of town? linda so joins us perfect bwi thurgood marshall airport. hi, linda. >> reporter: good morning. no major cancellations or delays because of hurricane earl. it's causing a little bit of delays from the carolinas to the new england area, labor day vacationers are keeping a close eye on the storm. while the majority of us will be driving, labor day is a big weekend for air travel. several major airlines are allowing customers to rebook their flights if they are worried buzz of earl. south west is letting its customers get ahead of the storm and catch an earlier flight at no extra c
what's happening on the roads right now with the traffic update with kim brown. >> actually, the wet roads are starting to have an impact on the commute. we have an accident reported in jessup, route 1 southbound at montevedeo drive. along the roadways, the roads are slick so please take it easy as you make your way around. fortunately 695 looks good. here at 195, no problems there. as i mentioned, just that one crash in jessup, you will see police directing traffic at mont that individual deo drive. southbound 95, about a three minute ride. no issues so far on 795 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. only four minutes so far. megan, back to you. >>> high blood pressure, so many of us face that problem. one in three adults. the health care costs is $76 billion a year. there are lives lost with heart attack symptoms. but what if we could dramatically lower the blood pressure? one doctor says he has the ideas and the numbers. >> reporter: whether it's the stress of the morning commute or of a high-powered job. >> to me, stress is something that needs to be conquered. >> re
and mixed in thunder. >>> how about the rest of the week? we'll check it out in a couple of minutes. kim brown has another look at the roads. >> so far we've been lucky the wet roads and rain hasn't caused accidents as of yet. however, we are dealing with some standing water, some possible flooding on route 50 at 301 in route 197. you -- if you have to travel there keep an eye open for that. snowden river parkway, the ramp to westbound route 100 continues to be closed because of an oil spill. they are sending sand trucks there but the traffic circle remains closed. 95, look at the road spray kicking up from the traffic early on. that is going to keep the visibility reduced and people are trying to take it easy as they make their way around. fortunately, northbound and southbound 95 look good. no problems yet. on 795 southbound, no real issues, it's about 12 minutes between route 140 towards the beltway. like i said, just keep your speeds down because you could see ponding oor standing water. that could make for a hydroplaning situation so be careful. back to you. >>> i only see movies ma
, let's get you to work on time, here's kim brown with a check on traffic. >> you can get to work and school on time, traffic is off to a lovely start. we don't have a whole lot of volume right now, in addition to, that really no problems, we do have one utility incident, brooklyn park, blocking the right lane on the southbound side of richie highway at 4th avenue. traffic is able to get by without issues to the left. as we check our drive times, no delays on the 95 corridor. up to 395. 29 looks good through howard county. i-70 and route 32. on the southwest side of the beltway, traffic flows freely from i-70 to 95. as we check our cameras around the area, anne arundel county, northbound looks good towards 695, baltimore beltway. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. >>> a minute after 6:00 right now, an anne arundel county police officer says he was just doing his job, but a father in pasadena says he did so much more. we have more on a cop who saved a 4-year-old girl. >> the girl's dad thought he lost her when she started struggling for air and stopped breathing. brooke had pneumo
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